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Air-suspension is becoming an increasingly important option for Light Commercial Vehicles. Whether this is for improved comfort, increased stability, or enabling a vehicle to lower or raise for easy access, there is a solution for every application.

VB-Airsuspension provides this solution by manufacturing air-suspensions for virtually every make and model of Light Commercial Vehicle. They also produce a range of air-suspensions which are as broad as possible. From semi air-suspension to full air-suspension; for customers with adaptations such as ambulances, car transporters and campers.

Now you can see why an increasing number of truck and body manufacturers are incorporating VB Airsuspension systems in their own ranges.

VB Full Air

VB Full Air is a fully automatic and adjustable solution for suspension problems. The existing leaf or coil spring is replaced by a complete air suspension system (including air springs, shock absorbers, a compressor and an electric control unit). The air suspension system filters out road surface imperfections, hence improving ride comfort.

VB Semi Air

The VB Semi Air gives the possibility to adjust, within limits, the suspension manually. On a vehicle with leaf springs, and air spring is fitted between the chassis and rear axle. This air spring supports the existing leaf spring. The VB Semi Air is supplied as a dual chamber system, the air springs are not in connection with each other. Making use of a dual chamber system allows left and right to be separately adjusted, enabling the vehicle to be levelled, even when it is loaded unevenly. VB Semi Air, therefore, has two inflation valves/switches.

VB Coil Spring

Fitting reinforced coil springs is a non-adjustable solution for suspension problems. A helper spring or replacement coil spring is used on vehicles that already have coil springs. An auxiliary coil spring is fitted next to the existing leaf springs. These reinforced springs will normally ensure that the vehicle returns to its original ride high (if not higher). Thus increasing the suspension travel and improving stability.

VB Special Parts

  • Stabilisers – A stabiliser ensures that the vertical movement made by one wheel are (to a lesser degree) also made by the same wheel on the other side of the vehicle. This will lessen the amount of body roll in corners and reduce crosswind sensitivity. A (heavy duty) stabiliser is particularly recommended for vehicles with a high centre of gravity.
  • Shock Absorbers – Fitting heavy duty shock absorbers will ensure that the vehicle movements, in relation to the road surface, are absorbed more effectively. The vehicle will return to its correct driving position sooner after each movement. Vehicles with soft suspension are generally found to be comfortable but often demonstrate unstable road holding. By fitting heavy duty shock absorbers, the stability and also the vehicle will improve.

For more information please click here » (*shock absorbers and stabiliser pdf*)

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No need to choose between comfort and stability!

VB-Airsuspension has added the 'VB suspension upgrade kit for motorhomes' to its product range. This means you no longer need to choose between comfort and stability. 

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