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Turriff Caravans are delighted to be a Hobbyweld Stockist for the North East of Scotland. Hobbyweld supply a wide range of professional gas mixes in refillable cylinders giving you an excellent weld.

Join 1000's of customers already saving money every month with our Original 9 litre cylinders. Designed specifically for low volume users, making them perfect for the DIY and hobby market. But if you are a heavier user the Hobbyweld 20 litre Ultras are definitely the professional choice from our range, the very high gas volume makes them suitable for those who require more gas than the typical DIY rent fee gas user.

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Why choose Hobbyweld?

  • They give professional results at a lower price
  • The correct gas mix for a professional finish
  • Connects to standard high pressure regulators and can be used with a flow meter
  • Gas mixes available for mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium
  • They create little to no splatter
  • One cylinder of Hobbyweld is the equivalent to 23 disposable cartridges
  • Disposable cartridges are 16 times more expensive per litre of gas
  • Disposable cartridges cost around 33p per litre while Hobbyweld only costs around 2p per litre
  • Large capacity Hobbyweld cylinders last on average 23 times longer than disposable cartridges that’s over 2 hours of continuous welding!
  • 50L industrial gas cylinders cost on average £90.00 + VAT per year to rent
  • They take up more space and with an average weight of 90kg when full they are difficult to transport

Product list:

Hobbyweld 5 (MIG Welding Gas)

    Ideal for MIG welding of steel less than 5mm thick (such as car bodywork and thin sheet metal work.
  • Low level of splatter
  • Produces a high quality finish
  • Less clean up time

Hobbyweld 15 (MIG Welding Gas)

  • Great for MIG welding of steel between 5mm and 12mm thick
  • A good all round choice for general fabrication
  • Easy to use with low distortion, porosity and oxidation potential (providing a sound weld at minimum cost)
  • Overall a great choice for heavier duty MIG welding work

Pure Argon

  • Suitable for most TIG welding applications
  • Most commonly used when welding aluminium and stainless steels in thin section
  • It has a minimum of 99.995% purity which enables you to make a perfect weld each time

Industrial Grade Oxygen

  • Commonly used with a fuel gas for cutting, welding, brazing and soldering
  • Supports combustion and gives a much higher flame temperature than if air is used
  • For cutting with oxygen and oxy fuel flam preheats the steel to its ignition temperature further to which gaseous oxygen flows onto the red-hot steel, generating more heat and melting the steel

Nitrogen (Oxygen Free)

  • It is a popular purging gas and is most commonly bought by refrigeration engineers and vehicle air conditioning firms
  • It is also frequently used as an alternative to compressed air for filling balloons
  • Recently it has been popular for go-karting and amateur racing clubs as they use it for filling tyres


  • Filled to the same capacity and pressure and is the same size as out professional welding cylinders
  • Has the capacity to fill over 160 balloons
  • It is perfect for weddings, birthdays, festive parties and more
  • Can work out significantly cheaper for larger parties than buying the "party – pack" type bottles
  • Utilised the same straight forward deposit system as the rest of the range 

Food Grade Carbon Dioxide – New

  • Can be used for drinks dispense use – either at home or professionally.
  • Primarily used to carbonate drinks
  • Can be used as a propellant (to push your drink through your drinks lines through your pump and into your glass).
  • Labelled separate from the other Carbon Dioxide cylinders to reduce the chance of cross contamination.


  • The number one choice for general welding, cutting and repair applications
  • The hottest and most efficient fuel gas on the market
  • It is the preferred product for many applications
  • It is becoming increasingly difficult to source for the small user but now, here at Turriff Caravans we can supply it!

See the Hobbyweld website for pictures and technical specifications »
See the Hobbyweld website for the FAQs »

Hobbyweld Consuables.jpg

We have a great range of Hobbyweld Consumables, everything you need to get started. 



Hobbyweld Cylinder Specifications 
Gas Pressure – 137 bar, circa 2000 psi (at 15°c)
Gas Capacity – 1.34m3 average (9 litre water capacity)

Height – 840mm
Diameter – 140mm
*Cylinder weights and dimensions may vary slightly – contents remain balanced*

Valves – 5/8 BSP female right hand & 5/8 female left hand (acetylene)
Industry standard for welding applications and compatible with all standard regulators.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your gas requirements.