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Majestic 12 Volt LED TVs

Majestic Electronics was the world's first company to develop and produce a 12 Volt LCD TV back in 2000. Majestic remains a global leader in engineering and designing specific TV's that can handle the harsh marine environment and survive the tough outback conditions. The Majestic products are built with the highest possible standard. You can be assured the quality and reliability as Majestic covers every product with a 3 Year International Warranty. Majestic has a range of 12V LED TV's using the latest state-of-the-art technology which connect to Phones and Tablets.

The 12 Volt LED TVs are packed with features such as USB for multimedia, they come with 2x HDMI Inputs, Component Input, VGA input and much more.

The MMMI Majestic Multi Media Interface allows your iOS or Android phone to be connected to the Majestic 12 Volt LED TV and the TV will act as a large screen, displaying everything on your phone.

Majestic TV.jpg

Majestic LED194GS (1).jpgMajestic LED194GS (2).jpg