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Making Everday Smoother 

Add stability, comfort and safety to your vehicle. VB Airsuspension is a perfect addition to your vehicle! Not only do you benefit from maximum ride comfort during your journey, but also the highest levels of safety. With the installation of air suspension on your motorhome, van or pick up, the vehicle is more stable on the road and less sensitive to crosswinds (eg. overtaking lorries and busses, driving on a bridge, exiting from a tunnel, or from gusts of wind).

Our whole range of VB Airsuspension systems and applications ensure that your journey is relaxing as possible for you and your passengers.

VB FullAir 

"The best solution for suspension problems"
Full air suspension is an automatic, adjustable solution for a suspension problem. The existing leaf or coil spring suspension is replaced with a full air suspension system. This system includes air springs, shock absorbers, height sensors, a compressor and an electronic control unit. The system will filter out unevenness is the road surface, increasing the ride comfort. Crosswind sensitivity is reduced and the braking distance is shorter, increasing the level of safety. This can be fitted front and/or rear.

Depending on the type of suspension that it fitted you can adjust the height of the vehicle on the front and/or rear axle. This is particularly useful when driving on and off a ferry, driving on tough terrain, getting in and out of the vehicle, and loading and unloading. You can also adjust the suspension if you find you are on a slope or if you need to tilt the vehicle for draining.

VB SemiAir

"Create more spring travel with SemiAir suspension"
The name 'semi air suspension' says it all: this type of suspension supports the existing suspension on the vehicle. Semi air suspension is often used on vehicles that regularly carry heavy loads. An air spring is fitted between the chassis and the rear axle. This system helps to increase the level of comfort when travelling in your vehicle.

We offer several types of auxiliary air suspension systems that can be operated in a number of different ways, such as manually using inflation valves, or via a control panel fitted with switches and pressure gauges. The use of a two-chamber system allows the left and right side of the vehicle to be pressurised separately, this means slight imbalances can be levelled out.


"The right combination"
A combination of top-performing reinforced springs from VB and shock absorbers that apply FSD (frequency selective damping) technology make up the VB suspension upgrade kit for your motorhome. The VB-FSD Strut is fitted to the front axle and makes the vehicle stand higher at the front. The VB-FSD Shock Absorber is fitted to the back axle, some vehicles also get a rear helper spring, and they have been developed to improve the vehicle behaviour. With these combined the vehicles driving characteristics are more stable and unevenness in the road surface is better absorbed.

Helper and Reinforced Springs

"improved driving characteristics thanks to suspension applications"
This product group can be subdivided into helper springs and reinforced springs. A helper spring or replacement spring is used on vehicles that already have coil spring suspension. Helper springs are fitted on vehicles with leaf suspension. These reinforced springs will largely ensure that the vehicle returns to the original ride height. They also ensure that the vehicles movements are absorbed more effectively while driving.

Reinforced Stabilisers and Shock Absorbers

"Every system has its own speciality"
Roll stabilisers reproduce the vertical movements from one wheel to the other (to a lesser degree). The reduces leaning of the body in bends as well as crosswind sensitivity. The installation of a reinforced stabiliser is mainly recommended on vehicles with a high centre of gravity. 

The installation of reinforced shock absorbers helps to more effectively absorb vehicle movements in relation to the road surface and improves the overall stability of the vehicle. The vehicle returns to the correct ride height after each movement. Vehicles with softer suspension are usually considered to be more comfortable, but often have unstable road contact. 

VB Airsuspension can be fitted to a wide range of vehicles including: motorhomes, light commercial vehicles, ambulances, car transporters, 4x4 vehicles and off-road vehicles.

If you are interested in getting VB fitted to your vehicle or if you would like more information on the kits please contact us using the contact form here, calling 01888 562186 or through our facebook page (www.facebook.com/turriffcaravans).

Let the journey begin... 

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VB-Airsuspension Documents:


VB FullAir 

VB FullAir 4C VW T5/T6 

VB FullAir 4C PFC

VB FullAir 4C V-Class

VB FullAir Advantages Land Rover

VB SemiAir 

VB SemiAir PFC

VB FSD Kit  

VB CoilSpring 

VB ActiveAir  

VB FullAir 4C Remote

Remote Control for a VB FullAir 4C Kit

To find the ideal suspension system for you check out the 'Product Selection Assistance' sheet below!

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